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Eleanor Moseman is an American photographer that has been based in China for nearly a decade.   

Working with minorities, women among religious cultures, the working-class, and those enslaved into poverty, Eleanor strives to immerse herself in the culture of the people. Creating imagery and stories to seek resolutions of the inflicted while sharing voices of the unknown, forgotten, and persecuted. Her time is divided between commercial work while pursuing long term, socially conscious and meaningful photo-journalistic projects. You can generally find her roaming the plateaus of Tibet or the deserts of Xinjiang.

The camera being her greatest tool, Eleanor's storytelling and intrepid solo expeditions also make noted contributions among the world of explorers. Eleanor offers a refreshing and unique voice among the community of explorers as her writing, photography and personal reports are focused primarily on the people and the environment.

Eleanor's photography and writing has been published internationally and a TEDxShanghaiWomen speaker in 2017.