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The night spent in milkmaid's wood hut in Shangrila, along the edge of the Himalayas.Chrysalis02Tibetan guest house at Dzogchen Monastery for trekking exploring mountains in the region. Kham, Tibet.Tibetan nomad's tent along the shore of Lake Namu in Tibet Autonomous Region during a solo bike packing adventure.Homestay bungalow at Kuta, Lombok, Indonesia to learn how to surf and breathtaking coastal beaches.Hostel room along the grand canal in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China during a solo bikepacking tour.Truck stop dorm room in Xinjiang China, near the center of Asia.Tibetan woman's home near Sershul Monastery, Garze Sichuan Province, China. Kham,Tibet.Room in a 500 year old Buddhist temple that is used as a base camp to Mount Gonga and the final resting spot of the trek.Guesthouse room in Baishitou along the Gobi Desert of China during a solo bicycle tour.Chrysalis11A yurt of built of concrete on a Mongolian dude ranch on the steppe, grasslands, of China.A restaurant and guesthouse in the Tibet Autonomous region that I stayed at for 3 days to recover during a solo bicycle tour.A room in a luguan along the Grand Canal in Jiangsu Province of China during a solo bicycle tour.Stranded at the Irkeshtam Port with 2 Belgian cyclists during a 2 year long solo bicycle tour.A small Tibetan home in the mountains of Kham, Tibet.Chrysalis17The small room where a Mongolian man tried to rape me in Inner Mongolia, China.A small Tibetan near Lake Namu where the family prayed and performed rituals late into the night.A traditional Chinese room along the Grand Canal in Jiangsu province.A luguan room to get out of freezing conditions of the desert of Xinjiang China.A common room of a Tibetan monk in Kham Tibet, next to an ancient Buddhist Temple.A luguan room in an establishment by a Uighur man and Han woman along the Taklamakan Desert.A hotel room in Urumqi on Valentine's Day during a 2 year long bicycle tour around Asia.Traditional Tibetan home in the mountains of Dege, Kham Tibet with the Dala Lama photograph.A room, in the mountains of Eastern Tibet, in a Tibetan friend's home in Kham, Tibet.